Service Concept

Take customer satisfaction as the foundation. Serve for you wholeheartedly


Project Design

Deep marketed knowledge and superb expertise, which improve your planning and make your project sustainable and profitable rather just the right solution.


Installation training

We provide customers comprehensive installation training services, including site leveling, foundation drawing inspection, construction schedule and team planning, guiding the whole process of equipment installation, and conducting production line test to ensure that the production line runs well and conducting detailed operation training.


Accessories service

Machinery has a complete spare parts store. High-quality original accessories can make your equipment run more stable and safe. Fast air transportation means you don't have to worry about the loss caused by the shutdown. We also provide a comprehensive assessment of the consumption of accessories to make your production plan safe.


After sales support

Machinery has established a large after-sales service team to respond customers' needs quickly. Our technical experts and engineers can help you solve any problems at any time. In addition, we will help you optimize maintenance and inspection plans according to production conditions to ensure the system runs efficiently and stably.

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